Jun 212012

Friday, 27 April, 2012

Major Children’s Dental Study aimed at improving children’s dental health underway in Northern Ireland

Health Minister Edwin Poots marked the completion of the first phase of a pioneering research study aimed at making a significant improvement to the oral health of young children in Northern Ireland.

Northern Ireland has the highest level of childhood dental decay in the UK and in order to tackle this issue, a pioneering research trial involving a partnership between academia and healthcare professionals, has been commissioned and is now taking place across Northern Ireland.

This major trial aimed at improving children’s dental health – Northern Ireland Caries Prevention in Practice Trial (NIC-PIP) – is the largest ever practice-based randomized control trial to investigate the prevention of tooth decay in young children. Around 1,200 children aged 2- 3 years together with 88 dental practitioners working in community and high street dentistry are taking part. The trial will evaluate the use of fluoride varnish and fluoride toothpaste in preventing dental decay. The trial will follow and monitor the oral health of participants over a three year period.

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