Feb 182013

NICRN PRIMARY CARE – Newly adopted studies

Dental Recalls Trial – INTERVAL

Recruitment of dental practices to a study exploring the benefits of different arrangements for dental check-ups has just begun. In total four practices will be recruited in Northern Ireland, aiming to involve 208 participants in this arm of the UK wide study.

Peer Support and Mediterranean Diet Study

Researchers from Queen’s University Belfast are working with the network to carry out a study to explore ways of supporting diet change using patient and practitioner views about what might help people in Northern Ireland to adopt a healthier diet. Focus groups with practitioners are being held in geographical locations throughout NI and interested GPs and patients will be invited to take part in interviews and further group discussions over the coming months.

Myeloproliferative Disorder Case-Control Pilot Study – MOSAICC

A case-control study, involving several general practices in identifying controls for an investigation of aetiological factors for myeloproliferative disorders, is currently in its set-up phase. It is planned to recruit50 controlsto the study.

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