Mar 052013

INTERVAL_LogoNICRN PRIMARY CARE are recruiting and facilitating dentists participating in this UK wide study which will provide much needed evidence on the best time interval between dental check-ups in order to improve and maintain oral health.                    

INTERVAL Dental Recalls Trial – Research Summary

Traditionally dentists encourage patients to attend routine dental check-ups on a six-monthly basis. There is, however, little evidence to either support or refute this practice, or to advise the best time interval between routine check-ups. The National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE) recommends that dentists adopt an individualised risk-based approach to the timing of dental recall appointments but acknowledges that evidence surrounding optimal dental recall intervals is lacking.

The purpose of this UK-wide Trial is to evaluate and compare the effects and costs of three different arrangements for the timing of dental recall intervals, being: (i) Conventional fixed 6-monthly recall; (ii) Risk-based, individualised recall as proposed by National Institute for Health & Clinical Excellence guidance; (iii) Fixed 24-monthly recall. The Trial is designed as a Randomised Controlled Trial with consented participants allocated to one of the three recall interval arrangements, with the added condition that in particular cases, where they think it appropriate, dentists may apply clinical judgement to restrict the randomisation to only two options (fixed 6-monthly recall and risk-based individualised recall).

The Trial, funded by the NIHR Health Technology Assessment programme, is being undertaken from 01/09/2011 to 28/02/2017.

The Trial is being carried out in 44 dental practices across the UK, will recruit 2288 participants (208 in Northern Ireland) and is being organised by staff at the INTERVAL Dental Recalls Trial Office at the Dental Health Services & Research Unit, University of Dundee.

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