Aug 222014

Efficacy and Mechanism Evaluation (EME) Programme

Can I remind you of the latest commissioned calls from NIHR EME

14/142 Mechanisms of action of health interventions (7 October 2014, by 1pm)

14/144 Bowel control and faecal incontinence in adults  (7 October 2014, by 1pm)

14/145 Pituitary and/or adrenal disorders and related diseases (7 October 2014, by 1pm)

14/146 Renal failure resulting from intrinsic renal diseases (7 October 2014, by 1pm)

14/147 Wound healing (7 October 2014, by 1pm)

(Please also see the series of webinars and events which have been organised to support these calls)

Anticipated future calls include:

  • Novel endoscopic optical imaging interventions and technologies
  • Inflammatory bowel disease
  • Bone metabolism including parathyroid disorders
  • Metabolic liver disease (including NAFLD)

For researcher led calls:

14/150 Researcher-led (30 October 2014, by 1pm)


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