Jul 022015

The biannual scientific meeting of the NICRN (Primary Care) was held in the department of general practice on the 7th October 2015.

The Keynote address “Cared for by machines: is telehealth the future for chronic condition management?” was given by Prof Brian McKinstry, Prof_McKistryProfessor of Primary Care E-Health at the University of Edinburgh. Prof McKinstry gave a fascinating insight into using telemetrically enhanced self-monitoring to improve the management of chronic conditions. The Telescot programme led by Prof McKinstry uses quantitative and qualitative research methods to assess the potential of telemetric systems as a basis for early intervention, investigating clinical outcomes, cost efficiency, and user experience.

Three studies adopted by the Primary Care group were also presented at the meeting:

-The Interval Dental Recalls Trial (Jill Gouick, Fiona Mitchell & Fiona Ord, Dundee) -The Lung-SEARCH Trial (Claire Leathem on behalf of Dr Nick Magee, Belfast Trust) -The Polypharmacy Study (Dr Cathal Cadogan, School of Pharmacy QUB)

Presenting The Interval Dental Recalls Trial were dental nurses Jill Gouick, Fiona Mitchell & Fiona Ord. They gave a unique insight into this NIHR HTA funded study which is evaluating the effectiveness and cost effectiveness of three dental recall strategies by assessing their impact on maintaining adult oral health. Fiona, Jill and Fiona are based in the Dental Health Services Research Unit, University of Dundee.Interval_Nurses





Map of Dental practices participatingin the INTERVAL study in the UK







Claire Leathem on behalf of Dr Nick Magee presented The Lung-SEARCH Trial which is UK wide study looking to determine if a simple screening test can pick up lung cancer at an early stage in a high risk group of people. The study involves 1568 patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). Half the patients taking part have been having regular surveillance by providing yearly sputum tests. The trial will test the hypothesis that this surveillance can lead to detection of lung cancer incidence at an early stage when curative treatment is feasible.

Dr Cathal Cadogan School of Pharmacy QUB presented Development of an intervention to improve appropriate polypharmacy in older people in primary care which looks to address the challenges of medication use in older people and involved General practices and community pharmacies from each of the five Health and Social Care Trust areas in Northern Ireland.




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